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Smart hacks for easy cooking

Smart hacks for easy cooking

    To avoid or reduce the chance of the milk sticking to it bottom Moisten the base of a vessel with water before boiling milk.

    Adding a half of teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to milk while boiling it prevents milk from spoiling even if you do not put in the fridge.

    A wooden spoon on top of the vessel prevent's milk from spilling. It prevent's the milk from spilling over and also indicates when it reaches the boiling point.

    Making soft Chapatis usually does not take that much time. However, if you are not perfect at kneading a soft dough, here's a trick. Add some milk while you Knead the dough to make it soft and to keep it fresh for long.

    Consumption of oil used while cooking potatoes is a major reason for increase in weight. To avoid it Simply boil the potatoes before you fry them. Boiling potatoes will ensure they cook faster and consume less oil.

    Peeling potatoes can be a hard task but if you boil them first it will moisten their skin and will make them easy to peel.

    To sharpen the blades of timemixer or grinder and make it work for a longer period Grind some common salt in it. This will make sure their blades are sharp and they work for a longer period of time.

    By mistake If you have added too much salt in your food don't worry just add a few spoons of milk to the preparation and this will neutralise the taste of dish.

    If you have added to much of water to your dish like in a dal or even rice, just add some potato, potatoes absorb's all the excess water.

    If you love cooking mutton but not able to soften it easily just add some mashed raw papaya into the marinade to soften mutton.

    If you just add a few drops of lemon to the bindi (Ocra) preparation it will not stick together. The same applies true for rice.

    It is big struggle to caramelise onions because their is a very thin layer between burning it or caramelising onions. The trick to perfectly caramelise onions is to add a pinch of baking soda beause this fastens the process and make them perfectly brown in no time.

    If potatoes and onions are stored together Potatoes will rot very soon. Make sure you have separate storage jars to store each of them.

    To keep paneer cottage cheese fresh for days, place it in a blotting paper before you refrigerate them. Boiling Paneer keeps it spongy and soft.